Visit and Volunteer

Our shelter stays open from morning 10 to evening 6

No, you do not have to book to volunteer. Walk in volunteers are welcome!

Take a look at our Volunteer page for more information about volunteering. If you are planning on volunteering for more than a week, it’s great if you can give us a head’s up by writing to us here.

We don’t provide accommodation, but there are many hotels in Anand at all price ranges.

Kids above 14 can volunteer with a parent or guardian accompanying them at all times.

Children ages 8 to 14 can visit the shelter and go on a tour, but they won’t be able to volunteer. There will be limited access to the areas but they are welcome to stay up to half a day with our friendly sheep, goats and calves with parental supervision.

No, volunteering is free!

Yes,you can.You have to work under supervision of our veterinary doctors.

Medical services

Always call our helpline number before bringing an animal to shelter; our helpline number is 9724000939 which is ON from morning 10 to Evening 6 with Friday Off.

Please do not directly bring an animal to RRSA’s Aashiyana Animal Shelter without calling on our helpline for instructions. Not every animal needs to be, or should be brought for treatment, many can be treated directly on the street by our On Site Treatment Team.

For visiting an animal admitted at Aashiyana, opening hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM,Bring the token number with you whenever you wish to visit your animal.

Yes,we provide treatment to owned pet animals with full charge, the amount we generate through pet treatment is we utilize on stray animals treatment.

RRSA is located near Jol village Water Canal,Bakrol-Vadtal Road,Jol,Anand,Gujarat-India.

No, RRSA  has only one center in India which is in Anand,Gujarat.

Donations and funding

Donors from within India can donate with credit or debit card, UPI, Wallet, Net Banking, PayTM or cheque.

No, we rely 100% on private donations.

Yes, donation to RRSAINDIA is eligible to get tax exemption under section 80G of IT act.

Like most organisations, we prefers monetary donations as they allow us to plan and manage our resources as well as make bulk purchases and get more value from each donation.

However, we do have a wishlist which you can directly buy for us on Amazon.

We do not encourage donating medical items because we have specific protocols for medical supplies.


Take a look at our adoption page to see which animals are up for adoption.

We currently only adopt within India.

Jobs and career opportunities

No, at the moment we don’t have an internship program.

Check our our career page and apply for an opening directly online.

Training program

Yes, we offer a week-long First Aid training program every two months.

The training is aimed at people who are already active rescuers and are willing to become a point of contact for injured and sick animals in their area.

Our training program is conducted in our shelter in Anand, Gujarat.

We do not have any training program in other Indian cities.

Planning a Visit

Visit our NGO soon to see our hospitality for animals