Who We Are

Our values inculcate from the fact that all life is equal, and animals deserve our help and support for a harmonious and sustainable life.

To help animals that are sick, injured, abused or abandoned and create awareness so everyone can provide help to them. 

Building Story of RRSA

Dr.Bhavesh, the founder of RRSA had that dream to create a place where at the time of injuries or sickness an animal can get proper treatment, nutritional food, enough rest and lots of love.

Bhavesh says it was heart breaking for him to see the pain, despair, agony of these voiceless creatures that were put through harsh lives by man and nature and it made him wonder if we really deserved to be called as ‘humans’.


Our Team

They All Joined Us!

Our dedicated team without whom the RRSA wouldn't be possible.

Planning a Visit?

Come to our NGO and get to know about the love of animals

What to do when you see any ill or injured animal?
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