Helping animals in need in all places

RRSA is a non-government animal welfare organization that provides medical care to un-owned domestic animals and runs a rehabilitation center for wild birds and small mammals. Our objective is to help animals in pain and suffering, and we try our best to nurture them back to a healthy and happy life.

We aim to help and aid all animals through street animal rescue, spay/neuter and education. Our mission is dedicated to the day when all living beings are treated with compassion and love.


Our vision is to create a society where all animals are treated equally and with empathy.

Our Mission

To help animals that are sick, injured, abused or abandoned and create awareness so everyone can provide help to them. 

Our Values

Our values inculcate from the fact that all life is equal, and animals deserve our help and support for a harmonious and sustainable life.

What we do

1 k+
Dog Vaccination
Awareness Campaign
Action Taken Against Animal Cruelties
Animal Adoption and Rehabilitation
Dog Sterilization

Our Donors

Review Eligibility Requirements

Find out what we require from applicants and the characteristics of successful corps members. Then we will contact you for an interview if you meet the standards.

Consider the Deadlines

We have five separate application windows, which means you can select the deadline that best matches your calendar and needs. The full application process will take approximately

Check Out the Application Process

Our application process includes both an online application and an interview, in addition to a few other logistical steps.