What We Do

• Rescuing Injured Or Sick Stray Animals

To provide on the spot treatment to animals in case of road accidents or any other injuries or sickness, we have a facility of animal ambulance and veterinary doctors to cater any emergency situation.

• To Facilitate Key Infrastructure Including Animal Hospital, Animal Shelter And Animal Ambulances

Those animals which have major injuries and their treatment is not possible on the street itself, we have an animal hospital and animal shelter where an animal can get indoor treatment with nutritious food with enough rest and lots of love.

• Arrangements of Medical Camps for Animals In Village

We also have an aim to touch those areas which are untouched and the lives of animals in villages are as equal as of the animals in the city, yes we also arrange medical camps in interior villages so that stray animals of that particular village can avail with timely treatment and medication.

•Awareness Campaigns

To built compassion and humanity among citizens we do arrange awareness programs on frequent interval basis.

•Seminars and Workshop At School And Colleges

To develop compassion for animals among kids and students at the school level, we do arrange seminars and workshops in various schools and colleges.

•Vaccination and Sterilization

To keep the city rabies free, we give anti-rabies shot to each dog we rescue and release, along with this, we also do vaccination drives in a city to keep it safe from rabies. Sterilization of stray dogs is one of the major initiatives we took up at our city of Gujarat.

•Taking Action against Animal Cruelty and Abuse

RRSA is the first in the history of city for taking legal action in case of animal cruelty under the act Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 1960

•Save The Birds Project

On the days of kite festival, we arrange camps to rescue injured birds. We provide them immediate treatment

•Feeding Project

We celebrate good occasion of our members by feeding stray dogs

•Water Bowl Project

Every year thousands of animals and birds die in summer due to non availability of proper drinking water. We started an initiative to distribute large water bowls during summer season for birds and animals like dogs and cows.

•Reflective Collars cum Vaccination Project

In India, we usually find stray dogs on roads, sometimes due to low visibility at night, they meet with road accidents, and these road accidents are fatal for dogs and humans both. To prevent these accidents, we started fixing reflective collars to dogs


•Dog Adoption

We frequently arrange adoption drives in city so that we could find home & families for homeless stray puppies

•Inspiring Volunteers

Whatever we are, we are because of our dedicated volunteers, we always inspire students to become part of our organization, and this is the way we could bring compassion from their student age.

•Helping Animals in Contingencies

When the animals are in contingencies, be it natural event or man-made event, we go there to protect them and rescue them, we make it sure that animals won’t suffer during these situations. During lockdown we fed more than 800 dogs for 90 days regularly.

•Responsibilities toward Environment

Animals and Environment are two sides of one coin. It is our responsibility to protect environment as much as possible. We planted 60 trees at our animal shelter and now all the trees are grown to its complete lush.

Planning a Visit

Visit our NGO soon to see our hospitality for animals