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Who Are We ?

We are a group of animal activists and veterinary doctors who think that ” We share our existence with all animals; therefore, it is in our best interests to know as much about animals as we can! It is time that the animals on this planet have the protection from unnecessary illness and brutal cruelties.”

    We wish to empower advocates to promote compassion, healthy life of animals, happiness of animals, reduce conflicts between human and animals and fight cruelty in the communities where they live. Our mission is to protect animals’ life, to provide them standard treatments and make a difference in the lives of animals.

     We are the people who have been working for the welfare of stray animals for last many years. even before registering our NGO, We have rescued over  300 animals and birds and we are here to respect the species on earth from whom we are get any kind of  support. If we all reflect our entire activities of a day, we will realize that many of our needs  have been fulfilled or are partially dependent on  animals.