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Our objectives

  1. To give free treatment to the stray animals and birds in need
  2. To provide  shelter to the injured or sick animals
  3. To open adoption centers for stray dogs, cats and handicapped birds where  animal loving people can adopt the animals and birds
  4. To provide facilities of dispensaries, ambulance, etc. to alleviate the suffering of animals.
  5. To rescue abused, injured and sick stray animals
  6. To campaign and secure legal recognition for animal rights nationally and internationally
  7. To promote vegetarianism
  8. To promote Animal Birth Control program (ABC) and discouraging brutal extermination of stray animals.
  9. To create awareness amongst people, so as to start a mass movement against cruelty by organizing awareness programme in schools and colleges
  10. To appoint maximum number of volunteers to spread awareness among the city people about rights of animals and birds.
  11. To create awareness about eco friendly products.
  12. To organize medical camps in village for cattle and stray animals of the village.
  13. To organize rabies vaccination camps in the city
  14. Discourage the festivals which harm any animals / birds.