Awareness Activities

We try to inspire people around us and create awareness in the society to spread the goodwill. To facilitate the good cause, we organize seminars and workshops in school and colleges. We hold free events and donation drives for animal rescue and organizations. We encourage all the people to visit ad spread awareness for methods to help animals.

Radium Drive Project

In India, stray dogs and cows on roads is a common sight and this leads to several fatal accidents causing harm to humans and animals alike. We assist proper awareness to reduce animal accidents and provide free medical care and assistance to injured animals.

Bird Rescue Campaign

Uttarayan, the fatal festival of kites has claimed thousands of innocent birds’ lives. It is the usage of the Chinese thread that has proved to be fatal to these birds. It injures them severely causing mutilation, blindness and death. Every year on the 14th and 15th of January, we set up a Bird Rescue Camp in the city to provide immediate emergency support to the birds before they can be taken to the veterinary hospital for further treatment.

Leather Protest Campaign

Evolution of fashion and consumerism has led to the establishment of several grotesque practices, most popular one being the large-scale Leather Industry. The very basis of this industry depends on animal slaughter. India ranks 2nd in the world when it comes to leather production. Many innocent animals are killed due to the ever-increasing leather demand. To condemn this practice, we have marched in protest in the past and will continue to spread awareness about the same in future.