Our Permenent pets


A cruel man had beaten Romeo so badly that he lost his vision and his eyes were internally ruptured. He was rescued in 2022 and underwent further treatment at our animal hospital. Now he is living at our animal shelter, lifetime.


This poor dog met with an accident while he was searching for food on the streets. The bone of his front limb was crushed hence needed to be amputated. In this way he lost one limb and is living with us permanently as a three legged doggo.


This poor dog lost her paw in an accident when she was 3 months old puppy. She learned how to balance with three limbs on ground, truly a champ!


A victim of extreme cruelty, an iron rode was penetrated into Bala’s abdomen by a cruel person. She was admitted at our animal hospital where she underwent a surgery. She is a strong girl and living with us now for lifetime!


In India, male goats are generally sacrificed in many religious riots. Bakorlal was left to die on streets, his limbs were paralyzed and he was under treatment for six months, after which he is living permanently at our Animal Shelter.


This poor dog was found on a highway. He had a wound on his right eye which was infected with maggots and hence he lost his right eye. He was treated by our team and then he is permanently staying with us at our animal shelter.


Pistol is a 2 year young dog. He was abandoned by his owner and was found struggling and starving on streets. Now he is living a safe, healthy and happy life with us.


This dog was rescued in 2021 with a maggot-infested wound to his ear part.  Later, doctors noticed that the wound has a tumorous growth due to which it keeps on reoccurring. Hence he is living with us and will be given lifetime medication, care and lots of love.


This poor 8 year old girl was abandoned on streets by a breeder after treating her like a puppy mill, resulting to which her mammary hangs loose. She is living at our animal shelter for lifetime/ till she gets adopted.


Lali had a huge maggot-infested wound to her head and ear, resulting to which she lost vision in one eye. She was rescued and treated by our team. Now her wound has healed and she is staying permanently at our animal shelter.


As her name says, Tripod has three legs. She lost her one arm in a train accident and was operated by our team. Heavy blood loss made her weak and her treatment went on for a month. With all the efforts, she was saved and is living at our animal shelter for the rest of her life.


Doso is the senior-most dog at our shelter. He was found on a street on a monsoon evening, shivering badly and had a wound on his back. He was rescued by our team and his further treatment was carried out at our hospital. At this age, his wound took lots of efforts and care and it soon healed! Now, Doso is living permanently at our animal shelter.



Nani met with a car-accident on a busy road and was rescued by our team when she was a four month old puppy. Her x-ray showed a fracture to her front arm for which she was treated at our animal hospital. She grew up at our shelter and now lives with us lifetime


This poor guy came to us with his whole neck infested with maggots that were feeding on his flesh. He was in immense pain. His treatment went on for 6 months till new skin started growing. Since the wound was deep and large, it left behind a stretch on his face and that’s how we named him “Chinese”! Indeed a unique dog with a unique story.


Buddy, a very playful dog was admitted at our hospital as he had tumor to his penile part. After medication and chemotherapy, Buddy recovered well. With age he developed partial blindness and hence became a permanent member of our family.


Pigs are slaughtered at a very high rate in greed to obtain it’s flesh (pork), fur, leather and bones (gelatin). This poor piglet was separated from her mother and was attacked by a group of dogs. Her intestines were bulged out and a lot of blood was lost. She was rushed to our Operation Theatre at midnight. With great efforts from our vet and team, she finally made it. Life returned to her gloomy eyes. Ever since, she is a permanent member of our Animal Shelter.


Cases of paralysis are very common in India. Rough driving results into accidents which majorly causes paralysis to animals roaming on streets. Barfi met with such an accident due to which his spine was compressed. We provided him treatment for over 3 months including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Finally he made it on all four of his limbs. After that he lives here permanently.


This little playful girl was reported roaming on streets, infected with mange, with literally no fur on her body. She was given a treatment course of 6 months including medicated massaging and medicated bathing. She got her new fur and ever since she is a permanent member of our family.


During the time of COVID breakout when all the market areas were completely shut down, our team used to feed more than 800 homeless dogs every day. During that time we found a beggar taking care of this blind dog. We rescued her to give necessary medication, vaccination and lots of love. Rambo is now an inseparable part of our family!


Again, a victim of cruelty, Badu developed glaucoma in his eyes after being beaten with a stick to his head part. We rescued him and treated him. His eyes had no more vision and that is how he ended up permanently at our animal shelter


 Meet Andrew- our brand ambassador! This poor guy was beaten up by some cruel human, resulting to which he lost both of his eyes due to internal rupture and bleeding. He is a therapy dog. Hugging him gives peace.


Back in 2018, we got a call from a local villager who informed us about a dog drowning into the water canal passing by next to our hospital. The rescue team rushed to the spot and found a female Rottweiler struggling to swim out, seemed that she was a pet dog and was thrown away for unknown reason. We rescued her and provided necessary treatment to bring up her temperature. It took more than 3 months for her to recover from this trauma, and now she is the happiest and friendliest Rottweiler ever staying at our animal shelter!

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