Awareness Campaigns​

To built compassion and humanity among citizens we do arrange awareness programs on frequent interval basis.

Arrangements of Medical Camps for Animals In Village​

We also have an aim to touch those areas which are untouched and the lives of animals in villages are as equal as of the animals in the city, yes we also arrange medical camps in interior villages so that stray animals of that particular village can avail with timely treatment and medication.

Rescuing Injured Or Sick Stray Animals​

To provide on the spot treatment to animals in case of road accidents or any other injuries or sickness, we have a facility of animal ambulance and veterinary doctors to cater any emergency situation.

Building Story of RRSA INDIA

If a person is willing to achieve something with true intentions, no obstacle can stop him from paving the path of success. Today, we’ll talk about our founder Bhavesh and his successful journey from zero to one. Because of his selfless efforts, thousands of speechless injured and sick animals are taking free and quality treatment …

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