What to do when you see an injured or ill animal in Anand

·       Take out the animal from danger and keep it safe:

If the injured or ill animal is in danger, such as lying in the middle of the road, or stuck in water, do your best to bring the animal to safety. Using a blanket can help avoid getting bitten or scratched.

·       Make a call to our helpline number:

+91-9724000939 Tell us what happened to the animal and any information you have about their condition, exact location, how and when they became injured or how long they have been sick, etc.

·      Send us the video of the animal in its present state:

Our medical team requires to see a small video recording or some photographs to coordinate the appropriate action.

·      Stay with Animal until the rescue:

Keep the animal in a safe place until rescue or as instructed by our Emergency Helpline staff. If you can keep them in a room of your house or in your garden this helps greatly so that our rescuers can quickly find them.