If a person is willing to achieve something with true intentions, no obstacle can stop him from paving the path of success.

Today, we’ll talk about our founder Bhavesh and his successful journey from zero to one. Because of his selfless efforts, thousands of speechless injured and sick animals are taking free and quality treatment at an animal hospital and shelter in Anand city of Gujarat State.

Imagine a dog roaming on road, having a deep wound to his head, infected with thousands of maggots, stinking, blood and pus oozing out of the wound. How many people would be ready to take this dog to a hospital by an autorickshaw?

And further also providing accommodation to the dog till he recovers? Accommodating not one but such countless animals at his home is where the journey of Bhavesh and his love for mute creatures started.

Bhavesh is a resident of Anand city, who had a soft corner for mute animals right from his childhood. He’d run to treat any injured or sick stray animal reported in the city without thinking twice and would always raise voice in favour of speechless creatures in any case of animal cruelty.

This was his daily routine and he continued this for 12-15 years. He’d always think that, “it gives me satisfaction and a peaceful sleep at the end of the day thinking that I made my contribution for the welfare of mute animals, but what after I die? Who’d look after these mute creatures? What’s my long term achievement for their welfare?”

With this thought eating up his conscience, Bhavesh decided to build an infrastructure including an animal hospital, animal shelter and animal ambulance to carry on the activities forever in favour of mute animals.

He did MBA and then cleared UGC-NET to get a government job in a college as a professor. Because of his interest towards research he has also done Ph.D. He stated that when he did MBA, he thought of getting a government job and settling down but universe turned the table here at Animal Welfare!

His willingness to build an infrastructure for the poor and mute animals took over his secure thought of settling down for a non-challenging and simple life.

He decided to go ahead with what his heart said, but he definitely had to do something to earn a livelihood so he started to serve as a visiting lecturer in different colleges, and now with this he would spare most of his time in serving animals and earning blessings.

As we talked earlier, Bhavesh served our injured stray animals as a one man army on his motorcycle for over 12-15 years and also accomodated such animals at his home till they recover. As he lived in a rented house, bringing animals would invite clashes with landlord and neighbors. These obstacles strengthened his pure intentions instead of breaking him down!

 It would often happen that the increasing number of accommodated animals couldn’t be shifted elsewhere as Anand city had no animal shelter. Such animals had to be shifted to an animal  shelter in different cities. This migration would bring two major issues, one- the expense of transport would sum up to be more than the cost of treatment, second- the harsh weather and long route would take away half the life of an already-suffering animal.

 After struggling for many years, Bhavesh decided to build an infrastructure in Anand City that would provide all necessities to an inured or sick animal under treatment. With this, he started to look for a land to built an animal hospital. He had hopes that some kind person would allow him to use his land for this honest work, but he failed. He looked forward for Government’s help, but didn’t get even a piece of waste land.

In this endless effort of searching a piece of land, 3-4 years passed away in the blink of an eye. Bhavesh believed that 21-30 years of age is a precious and peak period when he’s healthy enough to raise funds and invite new challenges. So without wasting more of his precious time, Bhavesh accepted the dare of life and bought a private land on lease and started building the infrastructure to provide the best to mute creatures.

He faced a lots of difficulties In the beginning. Enough funds couldn’t be raised even to built the boundary of the land. But it is truly said that when one is involved in an act of kindness with pure intentions, the invisible universal energy will always support. As the infrastructure started to grow, more and more people came forward to support and help. And we are glad to write it here today, that Bhavesh has successfully built a facility of animal hospital and animal shelter in Anand city where 70 dogs can be accommodated at a time for treatment, different blocks and space to admit animals like cat, goat, pig, donkey and birds are also available. This infrastructure has facilities of medicine stock room, x-ray, USG, blood reports, animal food storage room, an OT for performing minor/major surgeries, accommodation for caretaker staff and an office and two ambulances providing on-site treatment to injured animals of town, with 14 fulltime employees working for the cause.

With all the above facilities, thousands of mute sick  creatures are taking free of cost treatment and service every month. To dedicate his whole life for serving speechless creatures, he decided to sacrifice his personal life by not marrying. With an intention that his body can be of used to save lives after he dies, he has registered himself for organ-donation.

He had a wish that no sick/injured animal should have to wander around and that they should get quality treatment, enough  rest, healthy food and lots of love under one roof.

Selfless efforts, strong mindset and powerful decision making turned the once-dreamt infrastructure, a reality! This heaven for animals situated in Anand, founded by Bhavesh Solanki is named as RRSAINDIA ( Rescue and Rehabilitation of Stray Animals Foundation ) and everyone shall grab a chance to visit here at least once!